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Society of Women Engineers at GaTech

Yesterday I ran a Microsoft IoT Workshop for Society of Women Engineers at GaTech with Mark Rowe. It went well and we got a few blinky examples working. Here are some pictures from it:

Mobility LIVE! 2015 Hackathon

I just signed up for the Mobility LIVE! 2015 Hackathon with my brother.  We will be participating in the

About Capt. Planet:

Project #1 – Mobile App for Field Work – A common goal across all Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) programs is to get kids outside where they can connect with nature, learn about the world, and make a difference. Captain Planet Foundation offers the Small Grants program to provide funding for teachers to engage students in active learning and give kids a chance to design and carry out environmental stewardship projects. For example, kids whose school is near a creek might test the water and figure out a project that could improve water quality. Or kids might learn about species that are at risk in their area, such as monarch butterflies, and decide to plant milkweed to replace disappearing habitat.

We need a platform with API/protocol, optimized as a mobile app for field work, that would make it easy for students to report data that measures the outcomes of their projects, and that the collective impact of all student projects, in various categories such as tree planting, invasive plant removal, etc. A complete list of those metrics is in development and will be available to contestants.

Currently debating if we should use:


Wish me luck!

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