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Nordic Semiconductor Global Tour

I went to the Nordic Semiconductor Global Tour in Atlanta yesterday. It was a great presentation even if some of the lower level features went over my head.  Some of the major takeaways for me:

  • NFC pairing on chip.
  • ANT supported / compatible
  • Can turn on proprietary mode and write directly to radio registers
  • Encryption is on the fly
  • Automatic address resolution

The NFC pairing on chip support seemed great. It’s an elegant solution to the “which one of these Bluetooth devices am I supposed to select” problem. In fact, I am working with Krzysztof Chruściński to get a video of the NFC pairing capabilities on Windows Phone to get a video on Channel 9.

At the end of the presentation, Nordic gave all participants a nRF52 Preview DK. I am looking forward to working with Marshall to get some more Bluetooth demos done using them. After we left the presentation, Nordic sent us the slides and I saved them to share with you! (they made all the slides PDFs)



GTT_2_Introduction to nRF52 v1_1

GTT_3_Radio and layout

GTT_4_Power management







GTT_11_Bluetooth Smart application breakdown


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