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Bluetooth LE Project

Currently, Marshall and I are working on a project utilizing Bluetooth LE devices in a manufacturing environment. We wanted to simulate multiple inputs from a set of machines to a central Bluetooth controller. That controller would also be Wi-Fi enabled and on the local network. This will allow us to create some interesting scenarios for a BLE network. One thing it will allow for us to do, is to alert others on the local network when an input has exceeded standard values; allowing for immediate responses. The ultimate goal, however; is to send an alert to a wearable device to anyone on the factory floor too close to a machine that is in a dangerous state.

To accomplish this, we need several different components:

  • A mobile device that supports a wearable.
  • Multiple low energy microcontrollers to create sensors.
  • The central controller will be powered by a lower energy solution from Atmel.
  • A Wi-Fi module for the central controller.
  • Bluetooth LE modules for the sensors to communicate with.
  • Server for the central controller to communicate sensor state with and to push the notifications to the devices.

For each of these we have settled on the following (list subject to change):

Due to the complexity of the project, the steps for each part will be separated into different blog posts. Marshall and I will work concurrently on the hardware and software so the blog posts will be out of order. The posts will have a previous and next section at the bottom once that post is made.


Atmel IOT newletter

Atmel sent out a newsletter for their plans at 2015 International CES. One of the bulletins in it had the text “Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ZigBee – OH MY! “. If you follow the link, it leads you to their wireless technology offerings from their website. Missing from this page are Bluetooth offerings. I have to wonder if Atmel isn’t getting ready to announce a true bluetooth offering.

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